365正规平台是中国微生物油脂工业化生产企业,建成了完善的生物合成营养素产业化平台,该项目被国家相关部门鉴定为“国内首创、国际领先”。公司参与的“功能性脂质制备”技术在2014年获得湖北省科技进步奖一等奖,2016年获得国家科技进步二等奖 。



CABIO is a leading enterprise in industrial production of microbial oils in China. It has set up a comprehensive industrialization platform for fermented nutrients. This project was evaluated by state authorities as “domestically original and international advanced”. The technology of “functional lipid production” of which the Company participated in the development has won the first prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of Hubei Province in 2014, in the year of 2016, CABIO was awarded the second prize for National Technology Progress.

CABIO possesses dozens of patents in the field of microbial oil, it is the enterprise undertaking the National High-Tech Research and Development Program of China (863 Program in 2014) for “innovation of key technology and integration of processes for ARA fermentative production”, as well as a participant of “innovation and industrialization of key technology for DHA fermentative production” project. In 2013, CABIO’s R&D Center was certified as “Hubei Provincial Technical Research Center for Biosynthesis Engineering of Nutrient Chemicals”; in 2015, CABIO participated in the founding of “Hubei technical innovation alliance of biological manufacturing industry”.

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